Our Himalaya Mt. Everest Tower Organization is not under support from any International organizations and bodies.

What our organization has been servicing:

Himalaya Mt. Everest Tower is an entirely volunteer based multi-denominational non- governmental, non-profit making and social development registered as a tax exempted NGO in Nepal.
We’re helping in development of tourism development by advertising the natural beauty of Nepal within nation and abroad and besides that to help in organizing professionals meetings, symposium and assembly.
To work for protection and the welfare of senior women, helpless women and most neediest children.
We’re operating works relating uplift of the community those are socially backwards.
W’re increasing the awareness of human rights and help in their protection.
We’re operating research and development functions by coordinating with governmental and nongovernmental organizations/various institutions.
We’re making the general public aware and make provision of training by operating area and mobile health camp deeming health is the pillar of life.
We’re developing informal education and adult education by participating women in various sector of Nepal.
We’re helping to develop cash crops, food crops, vegetables, basic and animal husbandry in various sector of Nepal similarly, to encourage and provide technical service to the farmers.
We’re operating skill oriented programs to be self dependent to the rural women by mobilizing lical resources.
We’re operating tourism activities in the mountains regions of Nepal and help in promoting hilly tourism.
We’re operating necessary rescue operation to the victim of natural catastrophes and other accidents in hilly and mountainous regions.
We’re operating activities relating protection of environment in Nepal and to operate Himalayan cleanliness campaign to maintain the natural beauty of Himalayas.
We’re working for health, education, shelter, and rights and welfare of children, orphan and street children and rural parts and economically backwards.

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