searching yarsha means cordycep sinensisYarsagumba/Cordyceps Sinensis is a magic catepillar fungus ‘Half Insect and Half Mushroom’ which grows in the meadows about 3,500 meters (11,483 feet) high altitude in Nepal.

Whenever and wherever you think about the energy to boost up your needs perhaps the most valuable and highly praised commodity on the planet is Yarsagumba. When you need special extreme to make certain things to happen on hardship and competition.


According to Himalayan legend, YARSAGUMBA/CORDYCEPS was discovered by Tibetan and Nepalese herders who, in springtime, noticed grazing yaks and goats acting stragely in the high mountain pasture. After eating this strange looking substance, the animals would become frisky and start chasing each other around with lustfull intent. Soon the locals were consuming YARSAGUMBA and also experiencing this added vigor.

Cordyceps has been used for centuries in Chinese medicine since the dawn of shamanic healing over 50,000 years ago.

The ancient Chinese and people of Nepal have been most used commonly as a treatment for sexual dysfunction as an energy enhancer and some for other chronic and complex diseases and today, many studies and researches have proved that this herb is so precious to boost up energy during every hard trail and competition for athletes and performers on the stage and ground and so on during intercourse in bed.

Many sporting athletes and performers on stage and ground have reported taking Cordyceps extract boost up their performance with its stamina and circulation so amazingly as to be the world-class top competitors.Cordyceps has strong abilities to strengthen the muscles

Yarsagumba/Cordyceps sinensis came to burst into the limelight when the sporting world was amazed by the multiple world records set by Chinese female athletes during the Chinese National Athletic Championship as well as another Olympic Athletes Wang Junxia, Qu Junxia, and Zhang Linli, who broke the Fifth World Running records at the 1993 when an while drug testing showed no any traces of illegal substances were found during every testing time and when they were asked about the secret of contniue victory it was an extract of cordyceps.

In August of 1993, Olympic Women’s Running Team broke 3 World Top Records at the World Outdoor Track and Field Championships in Germany by Wang Junxia with a record 2:24:07 in the marathon and a mere 2 months later, she continue broke more records including shaving off 42 seconds from the 10,000 meter record.

Since then, sporting industry around the world started to pay special attention seeking right and great substance to enhance the body’s metabolism in physically and mentally to rejuvenate at a much fastest rate.Yarsha means cordycep sinensis

Here are a few essential tips why athletes and performers on the stage and ground should consider supplementing with this potent catepillar fungs.

Yarsagumba/Cordyceps increases body’s ability to generate adenosine triphosphate (ATP) as per research of Hong Kong University of Science and Technology which is a fuel source used by cells in the body when performing intense, explosive movements such as jumps, sprints, laugh and walk.

It significantly boost up body’s ability to produce ATP which elite to perform highly as the world-class competitors.

When ATP is boosted the length of time go continue for heavy trails like run, weight lift, jump, aerobics, cycling athletes so strengthly as well as it enhances greater muscle stimulation in physically and mentally.
You must be in quite aware that the testosterone hormone is crucial for muscle growth and it boosts the testosterone level by stimulating cells and testicles with naturally and genetically reproductive vitality and stamina whenever you need to role as the top performer or competitor.
What Yarsagumba/Cordyceps contained: 
Cordyceps polysaccharide
Vitamin B 12
ErgosterolHimalayan precious herb
Cordycepic acid
Cordyceps acid
Cordycepin acid
Amino Acids
Crude protein
Aspartic acid
These above compound means it has an ability to boost energy and endurance as well as reduce the onset of exercise-related fatigue with the balance of cholesterol level boosting testosterone and metabolic for greater athletic performance.
The researchers also found during blood test with the cyclists it is an antioxidant potential of the blood in relation to free radicals it has scavenging and the ability of the blood to break down exercise metabolites for blood acidity, soreness and exhaustion.Cordycep sinensis boost athletic power naturally
Here are a few more compelling reasons why you should consider supplementing with this potent Caterpillar fungus:
01, Cordyceps maximize the uptake of body oxygen.
02, Cordyceps boosts the immune system.
03, It has strong abilities to strengthen the muscles.
04, It smooth and improve kidney and lung function
05, It strengthens blood capillary vessels and flow of blood through every small vessels.
06, It fights respiratory infections and control sugar level.
07, It dramatically improves liver function and detoxification.
08, It has strong capacity to fight foreign-body from harmful influence of the environment.
09, It neutralizes most of the inflammatory processes.
10, It immunizes system, fighting oxidation damage, stimulating protective cells that keep the body free from mutations.
11, It controls autoimmune disorders, excessive inflammation and tissue damages
13, It maintains blood circulation and irregular heartbeats.
14, It balances chronic fatigue syndrome and low energy on liver, heart and cholesterol disorders.Cordycep sinensis is for athlete
Supplementing Yarsagumba/Cordyceps does lower your heart rate, which is why people report being able to sustain harder for longer periods because cordyceps boost athletes and hard performer oxygen utilization by as much as 64% and increase HDL by a quarter.
For a healthy person the recommended dose is: 0.3—0.7 g 1-2 pc according to the size daily for a week.
Eat whole mushroom in original form, or drink after boiling in water, or mix in powder form with milk for 3 to 5 days.
In the case of particular health problems, the dosages are as per practitioner’s prescription.
Interested to know more about Yarshagumba/Cordyceps Sinensis with full documents and scientific and medical laboratory reports or other more 35 precious and amazing Himalayan items including Wild Honey, Shilajit, Himalayan Pink Salt from Nepal please contact to Rajendra Nhisutu. He and his team have been serving in the remote Himalayas regions and in all over Nepal.
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