“Sustainable opportunities for the marginalized and vulnerable”

Himalaya Mt. Everest Tower ‘HIMET’ is enacted to assist the development of tourism by making publicity of the natural heritage of Nepal in the country and abroad as well as to assist the function of publicity by organizing different professional seminars, training, conferences, meetings and symposiums and publicity relating to the enterprises of the native and foreigners with the objectives of making an extensive publicity of Nepal with the strong devotion of humanitarian welfare in Nepal.

nepal-mission-topAs a country rich in natural heritages and revealing the actual identity and significance, contributing to the utmost in the economic development of the country, protection and development of the natural heritage of Nepal,making mutual cooperation in a situation of occurrence of natural calamity and mishap, accomplishing function of physical development, environmental protection, sanitation, relief and protection of right of infirm.

Orphaned and Destitute Children Mission of Nepal is born out of the deep desire to serve the most vulnerable orphaned and destitute children of Nepal which is a small mission that serves to the most needy children.

Our work with children is specifically expressed in educational initiatives, orphan care and community development.
The care, protection and education of Orphaned and vulnerable destitute children in Nepal is the primary mission of Himalaya Mt. Everest Tower ‘HIMET’ creating an enabling environment whereby social and cultural integration of the said marginalized and vulnerable will occur, strengthening them through childcare, farming and health resulting in dignity and independence of the individual and the community.

1. To provide education to as many orphans and destitute children through a sponsorship program.
2. To provide shelter for the homeless and food for the needy.
3. To promote health care for those who cannot afford it .
4. To bring healing through counseling to the many traumatized children as a result of AIDS, Civil Wars and Poverty.

himet-chair-rajendra-is-with-children5. To provide social education how to use the local resources to reduce poverty through economically empowerment and sustainable projects 6. To provide clothing’s and create awareness of affect of HIV/AIDS.
7. To establish an Organization that is self -reliant and self-sustaining.
Therefore, if sponsor can be available for this project income generating activity can be carried out to sustain the live of poorest other than any waiting for temporary donations.

People desire to have something new but innovative development approach, sustainable development and social change can bring just and equitable society where the priority have to give for underprivileged and marginalized people and our common endeavor is to uplift those people who are suffering from extreme poverty, lack of opportunity and social discrimination in the society.

Socio-economic transformation of need based people through the sustainable development approach and appropriate means “Sustainable opportunities for the marginalized and vulnerable”.
To provide more personalized schooling for vulnerable and unique children The child needs shelter, they need food, they need clothes, they need education to help them develop into dependable and dignified members of our society and this is what we plan and hope for;

• To provide a physical school building for our Mission School.
• To prepare playing fields for the children.they-need-our-love
• To equip the classrooms and office to required minimum standards.
• To employ a dynamic school director able to act, think and act outside the box.
• To employ qualified and skilled teachers to teach grades 1st through 10th.
• To educate each child as per his/ her unique standards.
• To meet national education standards.
• To examine and test children in a timely manner.
• To gradually bring handicapped in blind children and later deaf children into an integrated school.

WORKING PATTERN: HIMET has given priority to follow the working pattern as below:
• People centered development approach
• Sustainable development approach,
• Integrated and holistic approach,
• Equitable and just society,
• Local level development approach

HIMET HAS DIMENSIONAL STRATEGY:orphaned-and-destitute-children-mission-of-nepal-28
1, To introduce programs activities and development efforts for marginalized and deprived people of our society.
2, Impart know-how and technical methodology which sufficiently introduces local technology and skill to build a skillful and dynamic workforce focusing on people of rural and need-based areas.
3, To raise strong voice against social injustice and social discrimination and introduce an awareness raising campaign and advocate at the grass-roots, national and international levels on the causes of poverty, which is a pervasive problem of social transformation and the right to human dignity.
4, The Organization aims at eradicating Ignorance, Diseases, Poverty and Violence.
5, To mobilize human and material resources to uplift those deprived’ basic living standards.
6, To set up Income Generating Projects (IGPs) to help develop a revolving fund and enable self- reliance attainment among the villagers;nepal-mission-working-team
7, To establish programs aimed at provision of clean water and improved nutrition to all by using locally available resources.
8, To find the sourcing for cheaper/affordable medical services to the community at large.
9, To put the value of human life as a central value and concerns.
10, To fight on every discrimination in all its forms: racism, tribalism, ageism, sexism
11, To promote personal, cultural and social diversity addressing issues related to HIV/AIDS, Malaria, T.B and other infectious diseases through campaigns for preventive measures, treatment and vaccinations.
12, To identify support needy school children to attain formal education and training.
And to establish a sustainable steady network with other stakeholders: the government, organized groups, Institutions and Individuals to help promote the value of human life.


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