Anusha Shrestha, Project CoordinatorAnusha Shrestha, she who is hard worker, smiley, very sociable and has a special talent and a successful and influential personality at a young age.Self reliance activities in mountain regions

 For the past 7 years, she has been the coordinator of various shorts and long term projects in remote villages of districts of Nepal which are run by the Himalayan Mount Everest Tower Organization.

This Himalaya Mount Everest Tower organization would like to the special thanks her very much and hope to continue her result oriented tasks in the days to come.

Following are the projects successfully coordinated and completed by Anusha Shrestha as a Project Coordinator.

1, Meals provision for poor, helpless orphaned and destitute children of remote Nepal.

2, Vocational Skills of Electrics and Electronics Diagnostics Skills for self-employment, development of self-reliance related to poverty alleviation of mountainous remote part of Nepal.Nepal Mission of HIMET Team

3, Public health awareness programs, sanitation and health education among orphans, street children and villagers of far western Nepal.

4, Interaction cum training programs for the physical disabled and visually impaired related to indigenous and the most backward, targeted and marginalized high risk communities of remote part of Nepal.

5, Emergency Relief on flood and landslide, earthquake victims and distribution of clothes and food with emergency kits and medicines and mass feeding programs.

6, Feeding and medical camps for orphans, street and conflict victims children and villagers in remote villages of Nepal.Distritution of food stuff to the children villages

7, Computer Literacy and maintenance training programs to the economically backward youth in urban and rural areas of Nepal.

Children Project in Nepal