Smart Tech program and certification after trainingWe believe development means to bring people to a more acknowledged, advanced or effective skilled workman and leadership, people to cause growing or expand to bring into being or an activity, to come gradually into existence or operation and to become evident or manifest to one another. Himalaya MountEverest Tower endeavor to meet this objective through imparting practical education and through exposing youngsters to a variety of vocational skills in performing arts, computer animation, electronic maintenance and repairing training, etc.
Organization believes in innovative pedagogy in order to retain the youngster within the purview of practical skilled vocational education.


There are fast and vast technology progress around the globe and in Nepal constantly it means obviously there are
more opportunities and more jobs toward self-reliance but due to non-availability or insufficient of practical knowledge and effective training programs our country is facing high ratio of unemployment, jobless and people are obliged to leave their family, children and go abroad with debt. By moderating this real part of pain, we propose a  non-formal technical education for a local community development for a group of youngsters in
exile as agents of their self-reliance there is also a need for strong movement in terms of practical education, self employment and participation in the country’s development process.

In the age of technology, nation’s overall development is connected with the quantity and quality vocational skill
possessed by nation’s workforces. The wider the range and higher the quality of vocational
skills, the faster is the growth.

Smart tech training is going onThere is a great unmet need among the present day’s youth for short, abridged, concise and condensed vocational training programs. Most of the youth and jobless male, female and house wives are trying to impart vocational skill relatively a short practical effective course. Besides, there is also need for a wide range of vocational courses for those who are already employed but seek to broaden or upgrade their skills to keep pace with changing needs and to further their career opportunities. This program is designed especially for youngsters they who are looking an option to survive, self-employment and job in
the service centers and companies.

We believe once they acknowledge about the way of practical methods of diagnosis of the most frequent parts, they get enthusiasm and this will help to drive them to self-employment and self reliance. Every participant will be able to develop themselves for better placement opportunities this will not only help them to bring positive changes in the family but also, they would become role models within the community and an inspiration for others

A Message From President