nepal-mission-help-poorest-for-selfrelianceHimalaya Mt. Everest Tower has been helping to improve the livelihood of the under privileged, poorest women  by involving them in micro and small enterprises for the overall development of rural and neediest giving top priority to downtrodden and under privileged and heterogeneous communities to enhance the livelihood of these people at the local level by helping community-based in rural Nepal.

Involves with practical workshops such as helping to weave woolen cloth, shocks and handmade pashmina, carpets, hand making paper, assembling bio briquettes,as well as helping by marketing community products regionally and globally

nepal-mission-of-himalaya-mt-everest-towerPromotes and shares the export of community products to major cities and international markets by pooling the production of different community enterprises and providing support to go internationally in different community groups.

We assist to improve their programs and researches as advisory roles, form of individual coaching, publications, participation and organizing in seminars and different workshops. and cause base marketing.




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