We have an amazing, breathtaking and incredible visual documentary show of the Highest Point on Earth, Himalayas Mt. Everest sunrise, sunset, moving plant (yarsagumba/cordyceps sinensis), a legend of Yeti’s foot print …… Color Changing Lake .. Scary Wild Honey Hunting etc with a visual of Forgotten and Lost Children of Nepal.

There will be half an hour full projector visual documentary show include the visual of our children project and other half an hour program will be Top of the World Honor and Awards Certification on Humanity Services to individual, Institutions and Business Corporate with a nice and precious frame to each they who will participate individually or and on behalf of Institutions and Business Corporate Houses with a freewill heart for forgotten and lost Nepalese children.

Top of the World Documentary Show

This is also to inform that our Himalaya Mt. Everest Tower is an institutional association with Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA) for mountain tourism promotion and to save sorrounding environment as well as affiliation with Social Welfare Council (SWC) for social welfare services in all over Nepal.


Since 2011 we started project beside the downtrodden, under privileged and heterogeneous community groups of Nepal where the children were victim of Child Trafficking, Earthquake, Landslide, HIV, AIDS, Famine, Persecution and those suffering problems caused by a decade of political violence/conflict where 17000 people were killed and many children brought to be orphaned and left on the street.

And last terribly earthquake in Nepal brought many children on the road turned into parentless this leaves to care thousandths of children and we’ve been caring amongs the most critical where the need is too acute and we’ve been caring more than 3700 children with the health care, welfare and school supplies.

Amazing show

We are wholehearted and making a difference in the neediest society by joining with like-minded personality like you from Kathmandu valley to the most remote parts of Nepal we’ve been providing every possble support for orphans and vulnerable children so as to enable them live a normal life like other children in the country.

They who do not have parents, guardians and the children privilege to look after them we assist to acquire education by supporting them attend nursery, primary and secondary schools.

This particular documentary show is to encourage foreigners to visit to Nepal and trekker/hiker as climb for a cause and to step humanitarian provision to manage basic school supply for 3700 children to enable them to go school and get happy in addition to health care and social welfare with food and nutrition.

We need to manage for each 3700 children with school uniforms, school bags, stationary, shoes, meals, medical health care and social welfare provision where many of are also getting sickness due to lack of basic oe least provision and affordability on medication and treatment.

Children project of Nepal


This Documentary Show and Self Employed Work – Shop Seminar are to seek freewill financial CO – OPERATION to manage SCHOOL SUPPLY, CLOTHES (DRESSES)  and FOOD our required budget for 3700 children are minimum US $496,516 (Four hundred ninety-six thousand five hundred sixteen).

Your only EFFORTS allow us to make it HAPPEN, and You’ll get to see their TEARFUL THANKING videos with the HEARTFELT DANCE of helpless and forgotten children of Nepal.

There are numerous children of disability with us. It is unfortunately true that most of these instances could have been avoided had they been provided with proper prevention and access to relevant treatment.

These most of the children are in remote areas of Nepal they who are victim of hunger and malnutrition and they’re keep dying please check out our website what media said recently:

This can only be accomplished when we able to recognize the inherent worth of each child and commit to an incremental fulfillment of its moral obligations for every child within their jurisdiction.

Children Project in Nepal

This brings children to shape a future that recognizes the inherent dignity and the equal and inalienable rights of all member of the human family and this establish lasting world peace. Such understanding, practice is to develop the basic facts about the rights and through acquiring the needed effort to translate this information into action.




Most of them have not just missed their parents, family members and also missing their basic needs with full stomach food, wearing new clothes and schooling lives comparing other children at least who have basic privileged in the country.

A, They so enjoy getting secure that there are somebody for their lives like other children in the country.

B, You’ll find a pure tearful joy of children you’ll be blessed in every steps of your life.

C, You’ll be proud and thanks for this life from your own heart to be able to serve for too neediest.

D, There will be special count that you’ve done something great during while you alive.

Children Mission Nepal


We need your strong prayer & possible contribution with this amazing documentary show

NPR 800 shoes – 2

NPR 7,000 uniform – 2

NPR 1,000 bag – 2

NPR 5,000 book & stationary

NPR 2,000 medication & treatment

NPR 1,250 food/meal-tiffin

NPR 255,575 staffing & volunteer tips

For each children in yearly requirement NPR (Rs. 17,050/-) for 3700 children Total NPR 63,085,000/- Today’s exchange rate 1 USD equivalent NPR 114.35 which is total USD is: 551,684

If we get to bulk order as above mentioned/items there will be 10% off then it becomes total NPR 56,776,500 and USD equivalent with 1 USD by NPR 114.3 the net total required budget is: USD 496,516


We believe development means to bring people to a more acknowledged, advanced or effective skilled workman and leadership, people to cause growing or expand to bring into being or an activity.

This program is designed especially for youngsters they who are looking an option to survive, self-employment and job in the service centers and companies. We believe once they acknowledge about the way of practical methods of diagnosis of the most frequent parts, they get enthusiasm and this will help to drive them to self-employment and self-reliance.

There are fast and vast technology progress around the globe and in Nepal constantly it means obviously there are more opportunities and more jobs toward self-reliance but due to non-availability or insufficient of practical knowledge and effective training programs our country is facing the high ratio of unemployment, jobless and people are obliged to leave their family, children and go abroad with debt.

By moderating this real part of pain, we propose a ‘LIVE’ projector program of non-formal technical education for a local community development for a group of youngsters in exile as agents of their self-reliance there is also a need for strong movement in terms of practical education, self-employment and participation in the country’s development processes.

The name of this Work-shop seminar is ‘Smart Tech’, the most interesting and magnificent audio visual practical projector show in Nepali and english language.

There will be practical teaching sessions on COMPUTER, LAPTOP, MOBILE/SMART PHONE, REFRIGERATOR, AIR CONDITION, MOTOR, WATER PUMP, PLUMBING, BUILDRINING ELECTRICITY WIRING, ELCTRIC RICE COOKER, MIXER GRINDERS plus WEBSITE DEVELOPER with Graphic/Multimedia editing training etc what and how to diagnosis, find fault, make, repair and change all session will be taught with the PRACTICAL – WORKSHOP with the ‘LIVE’ audio-visual projector and the end of the program certificate will be distributed to all participants.

This is also to inform beside the many topics as of above mentioned training there will be given more priority to one topic by looking at the participants’ desire, need and status.

Smart tech program for Nepal and abroad


This program is designed especially for youngsters they who are looking an option to survive, self-employment and job in the service centers and companies. We believe once they acknowledge about the way of practical methods of diagnosis of the most frequent parts, they get enthusiasm and this will help to drive them to self-employment and self-reliance.

Every participant will be able to develop themselves for better placement opportunities this will not only help them to bring positive changes in the family but also, they would become role models within the community and an inspiration for others.

With the help of this program, you will be in aware about electric and electronics diagnostics and able to run your own services and join in the company or organizations for better placement in addition to earning a dignity, reputation in the society, paying the debts and live in your society wherever you are by raising the head up which is our only the motto and objective.

What will happen if you won’t get your required funding amount with this your programs?
Yes, We’re in quite aware this much amount may not get once and we do whatever collection fund allows we to assure you that we do as fund allows.


You can help by organizing this documentary show programs in your country and places wherever you stay telling the members of your Friends, Family and ColleaguesClubs wherever you think it works, share it with your loved ones, and so on.
We may also need your cooperation for up-down tickets if possible staying place as well during our program there in your place/country.


01, How can I be sure that my contribution go to the neediest children for their feeding, new clothes and school supply?

ANS: You’ll get videos and photographs and cheerily thanking from the children with food, new clothes and school supply along with our organization’s thanking letterhead and certificate.

02, Can I also involve as a volunteer in short and long term in school teaching or any health related programs?

ANS; Yes, we heartily welcome to volunteer in our mission field and its related schools we just need prior notice for necessary management.

03, Can I also donate food, medicine, toys, used clothes, Children Comic Books, tablets etc.?

ANS: Yes, of course! It is prohibitively expensive to transport these goods overseas to Nepal. However, you are welcome to earmark a monetary donation. We promise that your donation will go much further when spent in Nepal.

04, What curriculum do the children learn?

ANS: Same curriculum as any other Nepalese children are getting under Govt. school of Nepal.

05, What is your organization doing to root out and prevent child abuse, child labor and child right?

ANS: Nepal Mission is Community Base Organization (CBO) of Himalaya Mt. Everest Tower ‘HIMET’. We work with communities to ensure that the children do not participate in child labor and is not subject to exploitation in any way.

There will never be any form of child abuse or corporal punishment be tolerated against any children at the schools.

We do monitor and internal controls that child labor or exploitation is not taking place with any of the schools and villages where we work with. Our focal leaders visit schools most often weekly.

06, Does Nepal Mission of Himalaya Mt. Everest Tower also offer internships?

Ans: Yes. we are in particular need of journalism, researcher and internships students who will help documentation, projection the work of our Nepal Mission by telling the stories to the World. And you just simply need permission from the organization and we arrange further help whatsoever you may in need from us.

07, How will the funds be used? any administrative costs handled?

ANS: Our team take no salary and pays. Administrative expenses include stationary, ink, stamps and computer-related costs and this website service charge. We work hard to make sure that collected amount totally go to help to the neediest children of Nepal.

Children project in Nepal

08, Are you a non-profit or non-governmental organization?

ANS: Yes, Himalaya Mt. Everest Tower is entirely volunteer based non-denominational, non- governmental and social development as a tax exempted registered ‘NFP’ organization in Nepal.

09, Can anyone donate from any parts of the World?

ANS: Absolutely!

(NOTE: Amazing Trailer of our Top of the World Documnetary Show and SELF EMPLOYED WORK – SHOP SEMINAR with the Forgotten Children of Nepal along with a sample of our Top of the World Honor and Awards on Humanity Services Certificates are attaching soon)